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Record-setting litigation of catastrophic events, complex commercial transactions and class-action lawsuits. 

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$246 billion
Class Action/Tobacco Litigation - Wendell Gauthier led a coalition of 100 law firms which paved the way for the landmark settlement with the states in 1998

$3.365 billion
Environmental Class Action - 1987 tank car fire contaminates a New Orleans neighborhood (Wendell Gauthier)

$346 million
Business Litigation/Breach of Contract - profits lost in failure to transfer computer software rights (Ed Downing)

$220 million
Class Action/Wrongful Death - lawsuit filed by the families of 96 victims who died in a fire at the San Juan Dupont Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico (Wendell Gauthier)

$170 million
Wrongful Death - 85 people killed in a fire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, the second largest loss-of-life fire in U.S. history (Wendell Gauthier)

$100 million
Insurance Litigation - insurance recoveries for individual victims of Hurricane Katrina (John Houghtaling/Ed Downing)

$92.5 million
Insurance Litigation - insurance recoveries for individual victims of Superstorm Sandy (John Houghtaling)

$75 million
Insurance Litigation - insurance recoveries for individual victims of Hurricane IKE (John Houghtaling)

$57 million
Commercial Property Damage/Loss of Business - fire destroys the historic New Orleans Fair Grounds ( Wendell Gauthier)

$45 million
Personal Injury/Automobile Accident - recovery for victim of an automobile accident involving a commercial vehicle (James Williams/John Houghtaling)  

$26.2 million
Commercial Property Damage/Loss of Business - Hurricane Katrina commercial property settlement for a Metairie high-rise (John Houghtaling)

$20 million
Jury verdict involving brain injuries caused by collision between a truck and a train (Ed Downing)

$17 million
Breach of Contract-  Settlement for breach of a fuel sale agreement (John Houghtaling/Ed Downing)

$13.5 million
Commercial property damage/loss of business - settlement of property damage claims for high rise buildings in Houston following Hurricane Ike (John Houghtaling/Ed Downing)

$13 million
Wrongful Death - three families whose loved ones were killed when a Pan Am jet crashed into a New Orleans neighborhood (Wendell Gauthier)

$12 million
Commercial Property Damage - groundwater contamination caused by radioactive material (John Houghtaling)

$9.25 million
Breach of Contract - joint venture arising out of a clients ownership interest in a power plant in El Salvador (John Houghtaling/Ed Downing)

$7.4 million
Commercial Property Damage/Loss of Business - Hurricane Katrina commercial property settlement for an office building in downtown New Orleans (John Houghtaling)

$7 million
Industrial Negligence/Wrongful Death - recovery for a worker severely injured in an industrial explosion (John Houghtaling)

$6 million
Product Liability - burn injuries to a 2-year old caused by defective product (Ed Downing)

$5.7 million
Jury Verdict - six-week trial involving a business dispute on behalf of a closely held insurance agency doing business in Puerto Rico (James Williams)

$5 million
Product Liability - verdict in case involving 95% third degree burns resulting from ignition of flammable vapors by a gas fired water heater (Ed Downing)

$4.7 million
Wrongful Death - drunk driver's negligence (John Houghtaling)

$4 million
Jury verdict for a retail center in St. Bernard Parish which was damaged during Katrina (James Wiliams)

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