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Yulia Houghtaling

Yulia Houghtaling a claim coordinator of the insurance property claim division and supervisor of a prestigious Gauthier Murphy & Houghtaling law firm. She is responsible to oversee cases from start to finish line. Beginning when a prospective client is seeking help with a first-party insurance claim, I'm explaining how first-party insurance process is working, gathering all documentation from the client, coordinating with the expert. Once the expert report is completed transfer the file to an attorney and provide more details, insights and technical advice on the case, helping drafting settlement demands for negotiations/mediations. Once the case is settled, helping our mortgage endorsement team to get mortgage endorsement on the settlement check.
Yulia Houghtaling, John Houghtaling wife arrived from Russia in 2011 with little knowledge of English. Over the years & have worked in various different industries since.

 Yulia is passionate about what her role at the law firm, and does a great job:
I gain great satisfaction seeing the results of my work.
I started there by researching, acquiring information, and combining files for exhibits, and grew to oversee and manage the firm.
I like to work on challenging tasks and especially finding efficient solutions. I set targets and goals for myself, and when they have been accomplished, I further polish them to perfection. I’m a hard-working person and not afraid to embark on new projects. I learned the existing software at the firm and have become an advanced and proficient user.

I developed a new system and tailored our existing software to help manage the firm’s workflow, tasks, meet goals, meet deadlines, and manage the employees on a daily basis. For the firm and upper management, this allowed them to see 360 degrees of the firm’s activities, act more efficiently, and become more profitable, all while keeping our clients happy.